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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've said my piece and counted to three . . .

Today, was the day. The beginning of the beginning. The dawn of a new day. The start. The turning point, you might say. (And you can say that, its totally fine).

Today was the day I decided that I will seize the day. Grab the bull by the horns. Pull myself up by my bootstraps, and what not.

Yesterday I saw a mouse in my apartment, and I though is this an omen? Turns out it wasn't.

BUT today a bug flew into my eye—in to my eye. And then I blinked, stupid reflexes, and the bug got squished in my eye. Then my train came and I had to get in because otherwise I'd probably be late for class. I'm not the most punctual person, but I'm getting better. I'm getting better because I'm learning to not let things like plucking my eyebrows or treating my bamboo cutting board with mineral oil, keep me from getting to the train.

So while the bug was laying dead, squished against my over-sized eyeball as I blinked, I got on that dang train. It was a triumphant moment. But it was only half the battle.

As the train got moving, I took my pointer finger to my eye and poked, poked, poked until the bug stuck to my finger. I stared at that stupid, squished bug, and I flicked it on to the train floor with a great sense of accomplishment. You can't control me, bug.

At that moment, there was no denying it, I knew I needed to make myself a website. A bloggish, half-biographical, half-fiction, half-silliness website. So here it is, For Cryin' Out Loud.

And I got to class ten minutes early . . .

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